Home Decor – Dealing With Problem Rooms

Is your room too long and/or narrow? Is the ceiling too high? Too low? Lets look at these problems one at a time. You will be amazed at how simple this is going to be!

If your room is too long, simply group your furniture in two settings. If it is a family room, divide it with an area rug, and have a media grouping and a game table and play area. Put two sofas back to back in the middle of the room to divide your space. If it is a bedroom, have your bed, night stands, chest and dresser on the end farthest from the door. Have a cozy sitting area at the close end. If the room isn’t that long, simply use a darker color on the short walls to visually draw them closer to each other.

If it is too narrow think horizontal. A long sofa set diagonally across a corner will visually make it look wider. A wide mirror on a long wall will give you twice the depth. Think light, cool colors. Wallpaper a short wall with a horizontal stripe to make it look wider. Wall to wall shelving on a short end will push out those walls visually. Any furniture on the long walls should be the same depth of color as the walls…you don’t want it to stand out!

If your ceiling is too low, go vertical…tall floor lamps, vertical paintings, white ceiling with darker walls, tall bookcases, or low backed furniture. If it is too high, go horizontal again…drop a border a foot below the ceiling and paint the ceiling color down to it. High backed furniture will fill up the space visually.

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